Touch for Health

Our Touch to Health programme is a series of workshops delivered over 6 weeks which will provide you with an introduction to Energy Medicine.

Starting from Tuesday 1st June from 12:15pm - 1:45pm, this is a free course though a donation to cover the cost of refreshments would be appreciated.

Booking is essential to ensure we comply with current Welsh Government Regulations, therefore to reserve your place please call us on 01948 830730.

An Introduction to Energy Medicine - pos

Traditionally Western medicine is disease-focused and prioritises the physical body.  Energy medicine, founded upon more Eastern wisdom traditions, is wellness-focused and prioritises the network of interlacing energy flows which surround and penetrate the human body.  When integrated, these two approaches are deeply complementary and facilitate holistic. 


Both practical and educational, the proposed workshops aim to equip participants with a working knowledge of their major energy flows and practical skills in in how to gently and naturally interact with them for self-care purposes.  The goal is to help promote physical and emotional wellbeing by boosting energy, lessening anxiety and alleviating pain.