Marchwiel Village Hall & The Rainbow Centre












The Rainbow Centre is delighted to announce that from January 2020 we became responsible for the management of Marchwiel Village Hall!


We are not moving any services from the Rainbow Centre in Penley.  But we are keen to build on the success of the Rainbow Centre to develop lots of services and activities to run from the village hall which promote better health and wellbeing and   reduce loneliness and isolation.

We will be bringing services closer to you, basing Marchwiel’s Community Agent service in Marchwiel from Spring, as well as additional services where there is demand.                                                                                       


The Hall is still very much a community asset so we hope you will support us to make it a success and financially viable for the future.


Thank you to Marchwiel Community Council who are supporting the Rainbow Centre in developing the Village Hall during 2020! 

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To Hire Marchwiel Village Hall



Tel:  01948830730 and speak to  

Geraldine or Jane






The hall can be booked with or without a staffed bar for daytime and evening events, meetings and group sessions. 


All enquiries welcome!

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