Community Agents Service, part of our Community Wellbeing Service

Offering support to the over 50's on a range of issues including form filling, benefits advice, access to local groups, support networks and volunteering as well as assistance to support good health and wellbeing. 

Community Agents are based in the community, with offices at the Rainbow Centre in Penley.


Agents offer a free service across the following Community Council areas:

1. Bangor on Dee/Bangor Isycoed

2. Bronington (and Whitewell)

3. Cross Lanes

4. Erbistock and Eyton

5. Hanmer (and Horsemans Green)

6. Overton

7. Maelor South (Penley and Betisfield)

8. Marchweil

9. Sesswick

We help people tackle a wide range of issues and are setting up activities and groups in your community including our Gentlemen's Brunch Club and weekly shopping trip to Whitchurch.

Telephone:  01948 830 242




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Complete the survey and if you answered 'yes' or 'maybe' to any of the questions then a Community Agent could assist you.